Our daycare is a great meeting place for many cultures to come together and share unique and wonderful experiences. We do this by involving parents and children in our planning and by sharing ideas.

Here at Cambridge Daycare we have an open door policy, which means parents are welcome to visit us at any time of the day. We encourage parents to be actively involved in our program and express their suggestions and concerns freely. It is our belief that strong relationships between the staff and parents contribute to high quality care of the children.

In order to better learn about the families in our center, parents are invited to bring in pictures, artifacts, traditional clothing, and food recipes from their culture to share with us.

We welcome parents to join us on field trips, family events and special celebrations throughout the year. Parents are invited to come in and talk with the children about their careers, and bring in props or materials to show the children.

Monthly newsletters and notices are sent out to our families so they are aware of the planned activities. Parents are also invited to participate in staff professional development days that happen throughout the year.

When you enroll your child at Cambridge Daycare you will then be given a Parent Handbook with a complete list of our policies and procedures. Government subsidy is also available for families.