At Cambridge daycare our goal is to promote the development of healthy eating habits and to provide nutritious meals that are based on Canada’s Food Guide. The foods that we serve are low in fat, trans fats, sodium, sugar, and preservatives.

We offer a diversity of food and encourage children to explore new tastes. The meals that are prepared reflect the different cultures that are represented at the daycare. New meal recipes are also introduced through suggestions made by parents.

We have a fulltime cook onsite who serves up delicious, homemade meals daily. That includes an open morning snack, a hot lunch and an afternoon snack. Fresh, seasonal fruit and milk are also provided by the daycare.

We ensure that the meals and snacks are provided at appropriate times and in sufficient quantities in accordance with the needs of each child.

Provisions are made for children with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions due to religious beliefs (Examples: no pork, no dairy, vegetarian, etc.).

Our facility is peanut free!