Our Program

Our program philosophy is learning through play. We provide opportunities for children to grow in self-direction and independence by giving them the freedom to make choices and select the type of activities they prefer. We meet each child individually at their own unique level of development, considering every aspect of their whole person. We plan our program around the children’s interests, point of view and incorporate long-term projects, increasing competence in every part of their development including social, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

Our qualified staff in every room plan activities based on the children’s interests. The children participate and explore in a variety of learning areas that include sensory, music and movement, gross and fine motor, creative arts, literacy, dramatic play, math, science, and nature. There is also opportunity to discover with natural and recycled materials, both indoors and outdoors.

Our rooms have been designed to be fully contained. The educators and children have everything in their room from kitchenettes to cubbies and even washrooms for the children. Inside our centre we have additional play spaces that include a library, an island that overlooks the main floor rooms and an indoor gym (under construction). Our outdoor space provides ample room for all kinds of activities. Along the fence we have apple, cherry, plum and pear trees, with garden vegetables planted in between. A large Elm tree is nestled in the back part of the playground, which provides natural shade in the summer. We are conveniently located in Strathcona and have access to many community resources. Throughout the year we take advantage of the festivals and attractions that come to the area.

Our nutrition program offers a diversity of food and encourage children to explore new tastes. The meals reflect the different cultures that are represented at the daycare. New recipes are also introduced through suggestions made by families. Our cook serves up delicious, homemade meals daily. This includes a morning snack, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. Fresh, seasonal fruit and milk are also provided by the daycare. Provisions are made for children with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions due to religious beliefs (Examples: no pork, no beef, vegetarian, etc.). Our goal is to promote the development of healthy eating habits and to provide nutritious meals that are based on Canada’s Food Guide. The foods that we serve are low in fat, trans fats, sodium, sugar, and preservatives.