Our child was treated like a family member from her first day at Cambridge to her last. That kind of warmth is invaluable and not found in just any daycare. Thank you Cambridge for your attentive care of our little girl.

-A Parent

We have had our daughter at Cambridge Daycare for almost three years and our younger son for almost one year. While we were initially uncertain about leaving our children in someone else’s care, we could not be any happier for having chosen Cambridge Daycare. This is almost entirely due to the service that our family has received at Cambridge; it is an exceptional place, with exceptional staff, and we are extremely grateful for the care that they provide for our children.

Since our children began going to Cambridge, we have seen numerous things which confirm our choice of daycare. First, the environment that the owners have created is very stable; it appears to us that there has been almost no employee turnover in three years. Second, the owners are almost always at the premises and are very involved with all aspects of the daycare. Third, there is very little turnover amongst the children at the daycare and those that are there seem to be happy.

I know we are not the only parents who feel this way; over the past three years numerous families with a parent on maternity/parental leave have chosen to leave their older child/children in daycare while they are home with the baby; a decision that our family also made. Cambridge provides such a wonderful, caring, and engaging environment for the children that the decision to leave our daughter there was not difficult to make.

Despite changes to our family situation, the location of the daycare (somewhat inconvenient for us), and other changes in our life, we have not doubted for a moment sending our kids to Cambridge Daycare.

-A Parent

Our daughter, age 6, has been at Cambridge Daycare since she was 6 months old. Our son, age 2.5, also has been there since he was 9 years old. Mircea and Doreta are more than caring managers for our family. During these many years they have become our great friends who are always there for us when we need help and support for raising our children. We deeply respect their ideas about raising healthy and polite children, as well as their management. Our children love the daycare, especially the meals, which shows the amount of effort Mircea and Doreta do to provide a healthy and happy place for our children. Cambridge Daycare has been a wonderful place for our kids and we completely trust the management and staff with our kids.

-A Parent

I have known Mircea and Doreta for five years now. Our oldest son went through all age groups at the daycare, the baby room, the toddler room, the junior room and he is currently in the senior room. Our younger son also started attending Cambridge Daycare when he was three months old. He started in the baby room, moved to the toddler room and finally graduated to the junior room last year. We can only say good things about the staff and owners of Cambridge Daycare. They were always very professional, loving and understanding with the kids and helpful whenever something came up that we needed a professional opinion with. As first time parents having a professional to get feedback on the behavior of toddlers can be a great extra level of support – we have always felt that the level of support is a valuable part of the program offered at the daycare centre. In fact, often the place is more like an extended family than like a business.

-A Parent

The owners are very enterprising. They squeezed their business into a tight storefront along Whyte Ave, ingeniously using every inch to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for preschoolers, from infants to kindergarteners. The owner is indefatigably creative and sees the world through a child’s eyes. Their charges benefit from being part of the urban scene along Whyte Ave and the lush tree-lined neighborhood beyond. They even bring nature, as much as they can, in to the daycare to the children: they can grow better tomatoes in the crack of a sidewalk than we manage in our garden! We think he has the same touch with young children. Having a daycare enhances the Whyte Ave community, and it is a central and convenient location for many parents and staff, especially those dependent on public transportation.

-A Parent

My daughter was originally registered at another daycare. On her first day there I got a phone call within 45 minutes asking me to come and get her, because they will not provide childcare for her anymore. When I got there I noticed a bruise on her face. I asked the cause of the bruise and I was told that she was running and climbing and fell. I was told that my daughter was not a good fit at the daycare and I will have to take her out. I took my children out of that centre that day. I later found Cambridge Daycare online. I called and went in for a tour with my children and was impressed. I felt welcomed and liked that it was a family run daycare. I told the owners what happened at the other daycare and they assured me that we could work together to improve my daughter’s behavior. They accepted both of my children.

Within the first week my daughter scratched one of her teacher’s. I thought I would have to take her out of the daycare just like the other center told me, however, the owners reassured me that they would not ask me to leave because of something like that.

When my daughter first came to Cambridge she was extremely shy and was not talking. She was also a little behind in development for her age. I really appreciated the open communication that the staff and owners demonstrated on a daily basis in working with me to help my child. There have been numerous improvements in behavior and language development since she started.

Cambridge daycare made me and my children feel welcomed and comfortable. The owners and the daycare staff are extremely good with all the children. The meals provided at the daycare smell very good, and they accommodate my cultural food restrictions, making sure my children do not eat pork.

I am confident my children are in good hands each day. Now all three of my children attend this daycare and are happy.

-A Parent